To the reinforced concrete elements forming the main structural load carrying system, which are produced at factory conditions by using high quality materials…

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The Japanese system, which shortens construction time by 50%, also offers economic solutions.Prefabricated systems ensure that reinforced concrete

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Main structural system obtained by connecting trapeze formed I section beam to columns using hinges is a precast reinforced concrete construction system…

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A structural system that transmits regions of beam-column joints with mechanical coupling transmits torque is making a structural system.

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We are aiming at averting a major blow to congress tourism in Antalya.

Cornelia Diamond Congress Centre will have the capacity to host 5000 people and it is built with the Japanese earthquake-resisting system “Ala-Sawa Technique” in a 30,000 square meter area. Through the earthquake-resisting system Ala-Sawa, congress centre will have the capacity to resist even the strongest of earthquakes recorded in the World and it will spring to life as a building that has 300 years of endurance.

Ala-Sawa Japanese technology saving lives in an earthquake

Ala-Sawa system; as well as the safety of life after the earthquake, as well as the use of structures without damage after the earthquake. With the Ala-Sawa system, the buildings are designed to exhibit flexible behavior during an earthquake. Thanks to this design concept, it is possible to avoid the permanent deformations that may occur at the end of the earthquake.

    Alacalı Construction is a member of fib (International Federation for Structural Concrete)

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    fib (International Federation for Structural Concrete)