As an alternate to the conventional structure elements and/or the architectural panel claddings, the precast reinforced concrete facade panels being one of the modern construction materials are produced, transported and mounted under the quality of ALACALI.

Precast reinforced concrete facade panels can be produced with many option and combination of; insulated / non-insulated, ribbed / flat, fair forced concrete / wash concrete / colored / textured / polished / sand blasted / acid washed or weathered etc.

There are plenty of supe- riorities, when compared with the conventional components. Some of them are;

• No need for plaster- ing, and can be directly painted,
• Homogeneous build- ing image due to smooth surface of the compo- nents thanks to steel
forming, Completing wall works rapidly,
• No effect of weather conditions during wall process,
• Re-erecting the panels without any damage in case of extending the building,
• Homogeneous workmanship and material quality,
• Aesthetic design, faultlessly repeated architectural products, stand- ardization,
• Perfect textured, washbeton or false joint applications in surface texturing that are impossible or very hard for conventional walls or plastering,
• Isolation without any heat bridge and etc.

K=0.70Kcal/m2hC for standard type of isolated panels. It is possible to produce panels with required heat isolation value. Isolated panels are obtained by settling isolation material between the two concrete lay- ers (load carrying and shielding layers) and they are produced without forming heat bridge. It is convenient to conceal the connection joints with polysulfide based joint filling material.

TT Panels

TT panels are used only vertically. Panel width can vary between 152 and 270 cm. according to the project. Height is designed according to the height of the building. If the building is higher than 14 meters, then the panels are designed to be erected one on another. Window space can be sized at maximum width of 116 cm between the two nar- row beams but height of space can be at a required value. Texturing and washbeton applications can be made.
Flat Facade Panels

Flat facade panels can be designed both vertically and horizontally. They can be manufactured uniquely with a maximum width of 300 cm and height of 15 meters. Window spaces can be designed according to the project. Washbeton and texturing applications can