Achieves high-speed construction, high quality and economic efficiency.

The Japanese system, which shortens construction time by 50%, also offers economic solutions.

Prefabricated systems ensure that reinforced concrete structures can be built faster.

Due to the fact that they do not need shelves and scaffolding, economic efficiency and production efficiency are at a high level.

It is also advantageous to be able to perform tests, laboratories and quality control at every stage of 24 hour continuous and error-free production without being affected by climate conditions. It is noteworthy that it can be applied to any kind of architectural project with its modular feature.

Thanks to this system successfully implemented in Japan, multi-storey high buildings can be constructed in a short time.

In addition to being built in a short time, it is ensured that the structures are stable.

SMCC-LOGO-(3)As Alacalı Construction; Sumitomo Mitsui of Japan’s leading companies in the construction sector, followed by construction of the disposal of signing the cooperation we apply the SQRIM system in Turkey.

What is SQRIM method?

SQRIM method is an all precast concrete method that does not require cast-in-place concreting for main structure such as column-beam. Therefore, there are fewer restrictions to attain a faster construction and achieves the same speed as with SQRIM method.


Benefits of SQRIM method?

Fast Construction : Construction Period of typical floor is 3-4 days. If conditions are fulfilled it’s possible to construct even less than 3-4 days.

High Quality : High quality structural RC skeleton is secured by manufacturing high-strength concrete in a PCa factory where quality is controlled carefully.

Economic Efficiency Construction Efficiency : All columns – beams that require high strenght can be constructed as PCa, in this case it’s economically efficient  because it can be assumed that other members such as slab are not required to be of high strength. Moreover when applying out frame form,a structural form in which columns are installed in the outer periphery,there are no cast-in-place outer columns- beams, thus section size of column-beam doesn’t need to increase, which makes it possible to construct without scaffolding. Therefore it is efficient in terms of economy and in construction.